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Agami's Open Offering of Movement 

​Oomi s a movement practice born with the collaboration of the Israeli choreographer Danielle Agami and osteopath Remi Boisserie. Open to professional movers and passionate humans alike, we will exercise deeper communication with our bodies. An intimate party of oneself that welcomes dramatic expression, physical effort, and enhanced coordination.

​Cultivating from her fine accumulating experiences, Agami is invested in the discovery of Oomi.
An articulated workout, based on meditative movement practice, that helps us express the
creative and inventive self. Oomi is in constant dialogue with physical and emotional research.
Leaning on a collaboration with the austheopath, Remi Bosarris, Oomi cares to listen to the
body, specify, and renew connection with ourselves and others.



This highly responsive, and inclusive research, helps us identify movement blockages, undo, and gain new habits! Increasing sense of confidence, bringing back excitement of ownership in body and mind.


 Agami finds it crucial to allow a new path of thought, movement and creation where she can maintain her research, share it, and continue making dance accessible to as many people as possible. She believes that a movement practice should stay innocent from style, and that imitation should be replaced with ownership and understanding. Agami believes that the conversation between the students and teachers should always be a positive dialogue. Oomi, a separate avenue, an evolution sourced through Gaga and is a foundational element of Ate9's journey.


Agami was sent to bring gaga to the U.S. in 2011. Her dialogue with Gaga is ongoing with commitment to honor and develop the method. 



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Stay tuned for the next Unfold workshop near you

In 2023/4 Ate9 will offer several sponsored workshops to the dance community with the hope to help dancers reconnect with their passion to train, learn and create, despite the harsh economical reality we all face. 

We thank our sponsors and welcome the community to register or join our waiting list - applications are welc
ome year round. Details below. 

Ate9 is a Los Angeles-based 501[c]3 Nonprofit Organization 
Our love to give movement for the health of our community and fans drives us to continue to provide classes online during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We hope for mutual sustainability and support for the coming months and after.


By taking Ate9's classes you declare that you are in good shape, and understand the nature of dance activities. You fully accept and assume all responsibility for injury or damage that may result from your participation in class. You release and hold harmless teachers and other participants with respect to any or all injury or damages arising from the activity to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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