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Associate Artistic Director

Andrea Just
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Andrea is a multidisciplinary contemporary dance artist, based in Barcelona. Her experience in conventional and unconventional work, such as site-specific and digital dance, lead her to work on movement from an interdisciplinary perspective, exploring dance as a means to express the complexity in social relationships.

Rehearsal Director
Rebecah Goldstone
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Rebecah Goldstone is from Santa Fe, NM where she trained and danced with Moving People Dance until 2008 under the direction of Ronn Stewart and Layla Amis. She received her BFA from Boston Conservatory in 2012. Goldstone joined Ate9 in 2012 where she performed works by Danielle Agami, Shahar Binyamini, Tom Weinberger, Thibaut Eiferman, Genna Moroni among others. In 2020 she joined the Highland Park Clowns. Rebecah is a founding member of Ate9 since it's inception.

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Julien Guibourg is a movement artist/performer from France. They started dancing with Adeline Raynaud at 8 years old. In 2019, they went to Italy to study professionally at the Opus Ballet school and at the Nuova Officina della Danza. They were part of Compagnia Opus ballet from 2021 to 2022 and of Nagelhus Schia Productions for the season 2022/2023. As a freelancer, they have worked with many choreographers such as Eduardo Vallejo, Sasha Waltz, Alena Tarasova and Ian Yves Ancheta. 

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Yun-Ting Tsai from Taiwan. She studyed in Taipei National University of Arts and graduated in Codarts Rotterdam in 2021. In season 2020-21. She joined with Poetic Disasters Club in Club Guy &Roni. She performed "Swan Lake"/ "Before /After" and worked with Cecilia Moisio, Mateusz Staniak. She performed "V" for De Parade 2022. And got the review. “This has to be one of the most surprising performances of recent years” – from NRC Handelsblad in the  Netherlands.

In 2023, she joined with Ivgi &Greben as a company dancer. She performed "Nice to Meet You"/ "Landscape with Figure" and Jevgeni Onegin with Opera Spanga. 

She worked with Blanca Li for Le Bal de Paris. And in 2024 January, She is going to work with Danielle Agami in Ate9.

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Adrien Delépine trained at the National School of Opera of Paris and completed his formation at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris. After his studies, he joined the Lyon Opera Ballet, where he performed for seven seasons.

During this period, Adrien embraced a spectrum of styles, from neo-classical to contemporary, exemplified by his performances in works by choreographers such as William Forsyth and Jiri Kylian, as well as Peeping Tom and Maguy Marin.

He then had a stint with Aterballetto before transitioning to a freelance career. This shift allowed him the freedom to explore a wider variety of styles and genres, diving into diverse projects across Europe.

Adrien is now a part of Ate9, participating in the company’s debut in Europe.

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Lela Di Costanzo is a multidisciplinary artist in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts, currently living in the Netherlands. She graduated from the DAF Dance Arts Faculty in Rome and completed her internship with "Spellbound Junior Ensemble", directed by Mauro Astolfi. During her studies, she had the opportunity to perform and absorb knowledge from some of the greatest figures in contemporary dance, such as Lesley Telford, Danielle Agami, Lukas Timulak, George Reischl, Thomas Noone, and Darrel Toulone. Following her studies, she embarked on her own journey as a freelancer, working independently as a choreographer and dancer, performing in works by various artists, including Danielle Agami, Ian Robinson, Ohad Naharin and Shahar Binyamini. Lela is the co-founder, alongside Clara Cozzolino, of "Freckle Red Lipstick," a multidisciplinary contemporary art project. She also serves as assistant choreographer for "MEMIC Project" directed by Roberta Maimone.
Between these projects, she dedicates herself to ongoing personal development as a performer, creator, and teacher. 

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The French native Manon Andral began her training at the Chorem Center before to join in 2010 the Atelier Rudra Béjart where she learned repertoire and had the opportunity to work with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. 

This time was followed by works as a freelancer with the Fardel Contemporary Dance Ensemble, the Lyon Ballet Studio and the Soundrama Studio of Vladimir Pankov. 

In 2014, she's an intern for the Delattre Dance Company (Mainz), where she became part of the ensemble from 2015 to 2017. 

In the 2017/18 season, Manon join the Hessisches Staatsballet, where she developed her artistry around repertoire from Xie Xin, Damien Jalet, Ohad Naharin, Eyal Dadon, Brian Arias, Edward Clug, Jeroen Verbruggen and Tim Plegge amongst others. 

Manon composed choreografies in the context of the Hessisches Staatballett's young choreographers and side projects between 2018 and 2023 (five short pieces to date). She tought repertoire workshops as well as organising and participating in January 2021 to the charity cell « Move to Reach » with dancers of the Hessisches Staatballett. The dancer now develops her carrier as a freelance artist and pursues studies in mix medium art in the Sorbonne, Paris. This year Manon Andral developed around Isidora Markovic's vocabulary and work through creating for competition and performances as well as around her own artistic research.

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Oscar Pérez is from Barcelona, Spain. Graduated at Institut del Teatre in Barcelona.

He started his professional dance career collaborating with Gelabert Azzopardi, he also worked with IT Dansa, Baltic Dance Theatre, Scottish Dance Theatre, Thomas Noone Dance, Unaiuna and others.

He has danced in pieces by Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, Damian Jalet, Anton Lachky, Emmanuel Gat, Sidi Larbi, Jiří Kylián, Rafaél Bonachela, Patrick Delcroix, Thomas Noone, Cesc Gelabert, Catherine Allard and others.

Oscar starts collaborating in early 2024 with Ate9 under the direction of Danielle Agami.

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Born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Björn Bakker has been an avid participant in the arts from a young age. Heavily involved in theatre, Björn sought further forms of self-expression and that's where he found himself actively looking for dance education. He started a pre-educational course at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam. In 2017 he continued studying dance at the University of the Arts in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he received his BA degree in Modern Theater Dance. 


Bakker has had the pleasure of performing several works in The Netherlands and abroad by Andreas Hannes, Amos Ben-Tal, Dana Raz, Heather Ware, Krisztina de Châtel, Liat Waybort, Lotem Regev, Nicole Beutler and more.

In season 22/23 he started working for Ivgi&Greben as a company dancer after which he wanted to continually explore dance as a freelancer in different places besides creating his own works.

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