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J O Y!

Ate9 is proud to announce our first album release, the result of an incredible collaboration. JOY was composed by well-established Los Angeles-based cellist studio musician Isaiah Gage, for the original dance piece by our own world-renowned choreographer and artistic director, Danielle Agami and produced by peerless international film score producer Robert Townson. The music transcends earthly bonds to a state of pure JOY.

A Ballet by Danielle Agami
Music Composed and Performed by Isaiah Gage
Produced by Robert Townson
Executive Producers: Lorraine Evanoff and Bruce Straley
Recorded and Mixed by Gabe Burch
Recorded at The Village Studios,

Los Angeles:
Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at

Bernie Grundman Mastering
CD Art Direction: Jim Titus
JOY Photos by Cheryl Mann Del Cuore


Note from the Composer:


"Anchored in the ethos of the strong artistic collaboration I have with Danielle (Agami), I set about composing the score to “Joy” as an exploration towards an unknowable discovery, which suddenly became the discovery in itself. I found much inspiration in the energy that Danielle and the dancers of Ate9 create by using their bodies to communicate an ineffable feeling or emotion, unveiling a connection source separate from any written, spoken, or gestured language.

And finally, I set about trying to create pieces of music which could place the listener in similar somatic states by simply allowing themselves to be present.  I hope you enjoy the soundtrack to “Joy” and that you are able to use this music as another tool in which to choreograph the rhythms of your own world.”

~ Isaiah Gage

Note from the Producer:

"I am so incredibly proud of this new ballet recording released digitally today on Robert Townson Productions. The Los Angeles based Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY premiered a new ballet at The Wallis in November of 2021 called JOY, which I attended with my dear friend Lorraine Evanoff. The dance piece by Danielle Agami featured an original score by cellist/composer Isaiah Gage. I was knocked out by the score, which was performed live during the ballet. Lorraine introduced me to Isaiah after the performance.

Long story short, that first conversation has led to this studio recording of the complete ballet score, recorded with ten different tracks of cello! Congratulations to Isaiah!

Thank you to Danielle and Lorraine and my incredible recording team of recording engineer Gabe Burch, mastering engineer Patricia Sullivan and art director Jim Titus. A very unique project for me."

~ Robert Townson

JOY is available from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and the usual suspects!


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